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Riva del Garda per congressi

Why choose Riva del Garda as the venue for your congress?
Simple! Because it is a unique location, situated in the southern part of the Trentino province, where the climate is mild, nature abounds, and where even a business appointment transforms into a chance to relax.
Above all, however, Riva del Garda is the perfect place in which to host national and international congresses because it boasts a modern, well-equipped congress centre and a whole range of additional services, providing total, efficient organisation.
Garda MICE is your go-between when planning events or corporate meetings in this area. Thanks to the link between Riva del Garda Fierecongressi, the company responsible for managing the lakeside congress centre, and Ingarda Trentino, the local marketing agency, Garda MICE can help organisers to select the most suitable local venues and partners in the area and will check availability and prices for you.  
Riva del Garda is the ideal place for all kinds of events

  • international congress
  • national congress
  • association congresses
  • scientific medical congresses
  • conventions
  • corporate incentive travel
  • motivational events
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